School Successes

Our School Successes

  • Victoria Senior
    Hammond School, Qualified RAD Teacher in London
  • Simone Barratt
    Hammond School
  • Stacey Durham
    York Scholar Northern Ballet Senior Associate, Obtained 3 Consecutive Scholarships to Doreen Bird’s Residential Summer School, Obtained 3 Scholarships for SLP College, Northern Ballet & Doreen Bird
  • Katie Alderson
    2006 West Yorkshire Tap Champion, 2010 North East Tap Champion
  • Hannah Crossley
    Northern Academy of Performing Arts
  • Leigh Ibbetson
    Obtained a scholarship to SLP Dance College, Scholarship to Ballet West Summer School
  • Catherine Farmery
    Junior Associate of Royal Ballet School
  • Leanne Oddy
    Nominated for IDTA 2009 & 2010 Modern Jazz Scholarship
  • Lynsey Austin
    York Scholarship for Five Consecutive Years, 1998 Nominated for IDTA Tap Scholarship
  • Emma Grubb, Claire Firth & Martin Shaw
    York Scholars
  • Amy Grubb
    Junior Associate of Royal Ballet School. After being accepted into White Lodge, Amy went into her 5th year and was successful in obtaining the “Christopher Gable” Scholarship Central School in London. Amy has made a guest appearance with the Kirov Ballet Company at Covent Garden, and was Soloist with the Hong Kong Ballet Company from June 2003.
  • Abigail Colbeck
    Featuring in English National Ballet, 2009 Summer Production of the “Nutcracker”, 2012 Urdang Academy – London
  • Charlotte Colbeck
    SLP Senior Associate, Body Works College – Cambridge
  • Leigh Ibbetson & Sarah Latham
    Northern Ballet Theatre Easter Associate
  • Adrienne Smith
    Scholarship to Doreen Bird Theatre School Toured with “Flash Dance” as Swing. From Sept 09 in the West End production of “We Will Rock You”
  • Fiona D’Arcy
    Merseyside Dance College
  • Victoria Lawrence
    Northern Ballet Theatre Associate
  • Adam Haigh
    Scholarship to London Studio Centre, Performed in Disneyland Paris, Scholarship to Laine September 2010, Grease Arena World Tour 2013.
  • Ellie Twigg & Aimee Johnson
    Lane Summer School 2012
  • Bethany McArdle
    Northern Ballet Theatre Junior Associate
  • Bethany Parkinson
    Doreen Bird Theatre School September 2011
  • Aimee Johnson
    Doreen Bird Summer School 2011
  • Ellie Twigg
    Special Commendation Doreen Bird Easter School 2012. Costa cruise line with the ship Atlantica 2017.
  • Ashley Woeliner, Ben Lancaster, Ellie Twigg, Alice Goddard, Corrine Wood, Katie Smith & Charlie Sargent
    Renaissance Arts Scholarships 2012
  • Hannah Knight, Helen Boot, Lucy Helliwell-Wilson, Jade Carter, Ellie Arundel  & Abigail Bennett
    Renaissance Arts Scholarships 2013
  • Ashley Daniels
    Urdang 2013. Toured Asia in Ghost. Currently in the ensemble “Annie Get Your Gun” in London.
  • Ben Lancaster, Ellie Twigg & Alice Goddard
    Renaissance Arts College 2013
  • Ben Lancaster
    Carnival Cruises 2017.
  • Elizabeth Lancaster
    Renaissance Arts College 2014
  • Sophie Knight
    Renaissance Arts Scholar  February 2015
  • Aarya Shenoy
    Junior Associate of the Royal Ballet School September 2014. West Yorkshire ballet champion 2016 – RBS-MID Associates from September 2017.